Ridgewood Sun Club

Many thanks to those members for running the club and maintaining the grounds in 2018
The club will be open again for renewals and new memberships in Spring 2019


Ridgewood is a small friendly place where members come to relax, sun bathe and be active outdoors without clothes. We have a club house, splash pool, games courts and other facilities. The club is purely for naturists, and is located near Clevedon in North Somerset.

Being situated close to the M5 motorway you will expect to hear passing traffic, this doesn't bother most people.

Everyone is expected to act appropriately and have respect for one another. NO photography is permitted without permission.

Come and experience the true sense of freedom surrounded by woodland and wildlife. Please bear in mind that the washroom facilities are only accessible down steps and the grounds are uneven.

Membership enquiries invited.

BN Member

2014 - 60th year

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