Anyone wishing to apply to join or rejoin needs to show valid photo ID (passport, driving license or BN id), provide proof of residence and complete an application. We prefer single applicants to have BN photo ID until gaining full membership. It is not necessary to belong to British Naturism, but it may assist a person’s application. Provisional membership is granted for the first 12 months.

To arrange a visit with a view to joining, please contact the club secretary who can arrange for a committee member to be available to show you around at a mutually convenient time.

Once shown around, there is normally the option to stay longer. Please bring a towel to sit on, although on this occasion you are not expected to undress unless you choose to extend your visit for which there is a nominal charge of £2.00 each. If you wish to join, pending being accepted, you may be asked to attend again, probably on an “Open Summer Sunday”. See day visitor.

We aim to keep a balance of 50 to 60 members, with both male and female in near equal number. A person's attitude is what matters most and an email address is essential.

Commitment and benefits of membership

  1. There are no paid staff, so everyone is asked to assist in some way possible. When 2 people join as a couple, it is assumed they will generally attend together. During the season all members are expected to visit the club.

  2. Members have full use of the facilities from April until October (BST). They can use the member’s caravan, or pitch a tent whenever there is space. Also store sun loungers and camping gear. Attend anytime via either route 1 or 2.

Subscription fees and concessions 2014

First time joining fee ( for key, etc. )£25.00

Members living over 60 miles may stay a certain number of nights for free.